1. Angelo

    I used to love Caedman’s Call–Derek’s former band, and then as an independent artist. My favorite song of his was Center Isle.

    Keep writing. You can tell your pursuing your passion, and that alone is worth it. I’m really enjoy reading it, even if I’m not your target audience, but I think you’re onto something. There are more of us out there–Christians with a libertarian bend, that this will resonate with.

  2. York Luethje

    Huh? You’re a honest-to-god amazing success. Don’t beat yourself up over some imagined imperfections. That’s how cults keep their members in line. Libertarianism is not a cult, just a rough outline of principles. You can fill that space however you see fit and you often do that wonderfully.

    Just do what you’re doing. You add a fascinating perspective that I for one wouldn’t miss for the world.

  3. “When I began the Libertarienne Show, I wanted to talk to young, politically moderate and socially liberal women. But beginning then, and consistently since, the majority of my audience has been libertarian men. I am a failure. ”

    Put it this way: Wendy McElroy’s audience has likely been mostly men (I think), but does that mean that she had no influence on other women who eventually came to agree with her?

  4. edie

    I’m listening! I’m female, and I’m a socialist. A little more “leftier” than you, but I’m of the free socialism/anarchist variety rather than a state socialist. I’m also a pragmatist, so I often claim to be “social democrat.” So, as you can imagine, we don’t see eye to eye on every issue. But somewhere along the line you caught my attention, and I think you’re a good writer. I loved your post last week responding to Lisa Wade. Even linked it on my facebook page and a couple of friends shared it too! So please keep on practicing and doing what you’re doing! And thank you.

    • This makes my entire life! Thank you so much for reading, for taking the time to tell me about yourself and for the kind words. It was such a treat to read this last night. Thank you.

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