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  1. Kevin Hilliard

    Really appreciate this article/your work. Found you through C4SS and have a practical advice question: what is your view on how social-justice oriented libertarians can begin to the bridge the gap with religious conservatives that might be sympathetic to libertarianism on some level, but are very suspicious/resentful of social justice theory? I have seen quite a bit written about how to speak to left-leaning non-libs, but not too much about approaching cultural/religious conservatives in a way that isn’t a bit dismissive/divisive. Have you had any luck with this?

    I ask because, like you I am from a conservative religious background. My family is divided between cultural/religious conservatives living in the mid-west and urban liberals living in the DC area. The divide is sharp and painful, many members of my family haven’t spoken in years. I see left-libertarianism as a powerful tool to bridge the divide between folks like this, but have had more luck discussing the hierarchy-crushing power of libertarianism with liberal friends and family than the importance of a social justice component to my conservative friends and family. Hoping to turn the tide on that.

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