If you love cruise ship reviews and love stories and lesbians

My babies,

I’m heading to Portland and Seattle tomorrow so I probably won’t be posting many political screeds for the next ten days. Though who knows? I’m looking forward to getting a tiny tattoo from my friend from DC.

In the meantime, I’d love to share some of the things I’ve enjoyed reading or watching this week.

This was just… the best. It reminded me of this, except, you know, good. If you love cruise ship reviews and love stories and lesbians, this is your shit.

This is a depressing example of workplace sexism, as is this.

I’m in this Facebook group of affluent middle-aged women and someone asked about pros and cons of hiring a male sex worker. I’m just saying that this could have helped some of those women.

I’m very mad about this and excited about this, wherein my favorite policy analyst Mike Tanner examines, “California’s failure to help its poorest citizens.” No one hates their poor people more than California.

Pix and travel diary coming soon.


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