I also had tacos

Guys, it’s Sunday night. I think my partner got rid of the virus on my site but I’m not 100% sure I can access it from work so to ensure I get you guys a newsletter, I’m writing this the night before it goes out. Which means I’ll miss the morning stories but you’re not subscribing to this for the timeliness.

I’m sure Venezuela will still be going to hell in a handbasket at 1 pm EST Monday.

My babies, I had a professor in college who spoke lovingly of Chavez’s economic policies circa 2006. I am subbing that dude for David Sirota, who wrote lovingly of Chavez’s economic policies in 2013 for Slate. And while I wouldn’t wish toilet paper shortages, riots over bread lines and medicine shortages, and general lawlessness on anyone, I feel a little tiny bit vindicated and petty enough to like it.

Had a great week in Austin. I feel energized and inspired to tackle medical software like never before. I want to be the best damn B2B medical technology content marketer the world has ever known. And I think I can do it.


I also had tacos.

Sometime during brunch today, perhaps between the 9th and 10th refill on my bottomless mimosa, my pants ripped open. I’d thought my pants were roomy because I’d lost some weight. Nope.


That is my ass cheek coming out of those pants.

Facebook gave me a memory of last year when my mom almost died. Luckily I haven’t gotten any concerning my exes. I’m fairly certain that’s because they’ve all blocked me. I’m sure to keep from stalking me and seeing my awesome boyfriends and mad content marketing skills.

Anyway, it just reminded me to thank everyone again who prayed and checked in on her and us. Mom is doing amazing. She’s made a full recovery, and that is something the doctors told us not to expect. I wouldn’t wish thinking you are gonna lose your mom on anyone but I do see some good it has done for us. I feel more grateful for her. I think she feels more grateful too. She seems happier and kind of more full of life. Anyway, off to brunch. But thanks again to those who followed along and cared.

Speaking of mom, I made her proud by posting this heartwarming story of a cop actually protecting and serving. I like to reward good behavior with Facebook shares. It’s the least I can do.

My babies. This spoke to me so hard. Now, I didn’t like it that it seemed to blame mothers so much. Like really it made it seem like cold mothers cause Autism and that’s actually something people thought was true until they did some studies to disprove it. Blaming moms for all of society’s ills is straight-up misogyny and if there’s anything you should take away from this blog, other than that sex is morally neutral, it is that I am not about that misogyny life.

Howevs, it is an awesome piece and really gets to me because I spent so many years lonely without realizing that is what was wrong. I thought I was depressed.

“The social experience that most reliably predicted whether an HIV-positive gay man would die quickly, Cole found, was whether or not he was in the closet. Closeted men infected with HIV died an average of two to three years earlier than out men. When Cole dosed AIDS-infected white blood cells with norepinephrine, a stress hormone, the virus replicated itself three to ten times faster than it did in non-dosed cells. Cole mulled these results over for a long time, but couldn’t understand why we would have been built in such a way that loneliness would interfere with our ability to fend off disease: ‘Did God want us to die when we got stressed?’

“The answer is no.

“What He wanted is for us not to be alone.”

So a few people have pointed me to Nicole Arbour. About Why Dating is Fucked — this is not a new genre. Go to Thought Catalog or sites of similar theme and quality and you’ll see plenty of people complaining about trying to date other people. You know what? Takes one to know one. Like attracts like. If you go out and see one asshole, you’ve seen an asshole. If all you see are assholes, maybe you’re the asshole. Did I give you enough cliches to get the point across? Be less of an asshole and you’ll encounter fewer assholes. Or so I’ve heard. I’ve found it difficult to implement step one, and yet I find myself surrounded by awesome people. Go figure.

Speaking of awesome people. It finally happened. I left Alabama a long time ago, but I became a liberal tonight. And I know this because my friends have turned me on to Aaron Sorkin and I can’t stop won’t stop loving his liberal wet dreams of what politics and media should be.

Love you all.

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