How The Hunger Games Made Me a Libertarian

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I hated The Hunger Games movie. It was so depressing and morbid. What could be worse than watching children battle to the death on a reality show in a totalitarian dystopian future? It made me feel hopeless. What would make our teens and young adults like such a bleak tale?

I decided to write a book to give them hope: Blessed Are They That Hunger-Young Adult Fiction, America and The Bible. I wrote about loss of peace, loss of justice, and loss of personal freedom in America. I predicted many of the abuses revealed by Edward Snowden as I wrote about the Patriot Act, as well as what Obamacare would cost in compromised liberty. I created a Facebook fan page to promote my book called Hope For The Hunger Games Fans.


As I compared the themes of the Hunger Games Trilogy to America today, I realized that maybe The Hunger Games resonates with the younger generation because they get it. They understand that we are just a breath away from that fiction becoming a reality. There are more laws constraining today’s youth than my generation had and they already feel the iron fist of an unfree society. I grew up in a freer world that they may never know. I gave them hope that we still have the tools to make it free again and the hope found in the Bible for all of these ills.

As I found memes on Facebook to share the message of liberty and a return to a freer America, the posts of one of my friends seemed to mirror what I was saying and I continuously posted them on my page. He was promoting The Libertarian Party. I didn’t really know much about the Libertarian Party. I knew they had something to do with Ron Paul, who I had voted for in the 2012 primary. I liked the fact that Liberty was in their name. I had been a staunch Republican all of my adult life, but found myself increasingly disillusioned with what the Republican Party had become. The name now seemed to represent hate and war. As a Christ follower I do not have the stomach for either.

My friend noticed I was reposting his stuff and invited me to a mixer for the local Libertarian organization. I felt like I had come home among the libertarians. I could freely discuss my conspiracy theories with no judgement and plot to take over the world and then leave it alone!
I quickly became impassioned about spreading the Libertarian message and volunteered to help manage the group’s Facebook page. Within a few months I was the Vice Chair Pro Temps and a year later I was Chair of my County’s Libertarian Party. Somewhere along the way I had renounced my Republican roots with nary a thought.

My involvement gave me the opportunity to meet Ron and Rand Paul, Governor Gary Johnson and various proponents of Liberty from around the country. I found my voice as a political blogger and thanks to the support of the original Blue Republican Robin Koerner, was interviewed on his radio show and got hundreds of views on my blog for promoting them on his Facebook page. I also had the opportunity to be a guest as well as host a local cable show “Libertarian Counterpoint.”

I have been a contributor to Watchdog and Liberty and a guest blogger on Sex and the Thanks to The Hunger Games my eyes have been opened-I was blind but now I see. The floodgates have opened and I am joining the cry for Liberty and Justice for all Americans and the World.

The battle for liberty is seems daunting but it is worthy. Change is happening and I am hopeful for our future.


Cindy Biondi Gobrecht is the author of the book Confessions of a Christian Twihard My Life Lessons and the Twilight Saga  and newly published Blessed are they that Hunger-Young Adult Fiction, America and the Bible both available on Westbow Press. She lives in Sacramento, California and is a Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. She is single with a daughter who is in the Marine Corps Band stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California. Cindy has a BA in Linguistics with minors in Literature and Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego. Cindy led Bible Studies for all ages for over 30 years in churches in California and South Carolina. She is Chair for the Sacramento County Libertarian Party. Her blog is

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