How and why to be specific in your desires and goals

Lately, I’ve been manifesting a little. Not everything. Normal bowel movements remain elusive. Despite this, mostly what I’ve been manifesting is extremely hot sex. More than once I’ve thought of exactly what I want to happen in pretty fine detail, run it by someone who seems like they might be down, and it happened. #blessed.

I wish I could remember who or how I got some advice to be specific in your desires and goals. I feel like I ran into it twice lately. So I have been. I’ve narrowed down that I want to work in policy, ideally land-use.

I don’t think I necessarily actually believe in manifesting. But it seems like it involves visualizing what you want. This seems like great advice, because it forces you to make decisions. What does your ideal job/lovemaking session/bowel movement actually look like? What are the details? It’s hard to do this for so many reasons. It feels like you’re putting to death all these other lives. I personally get hung up on not knowing whether I can achieve what I might envision for myself.

But when you do get specific about what you want, it kind of forces you to stop half-assedly trying to get five different things because you can’t choose which you want most and instead pick something that seems kinda cool and put all your energy toward that thing. Because in the end it doesn’t matter what you chose as much as how much effort you put in. The effort takes up 99% of your time. The outcome 1%. So the meaning and fun and life are found in the effort.

That’s what I keep telling myself to pump myself up to get things done. And I do feel like my efforts have been more rewarding since I started narrowing.

It’s also why I’m going to start envisioning the entire nation removing single-family zoning from the books. I’m going to imagine every Planning Commission dissolving. I’m going to conceptualize a world where market demand decides how much multi-family housing gets built on a vacant lot instead of wealthy, entitled, bored retired lawyers.

Let’s manifest this, and whatever you want, together friends.

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