I’m back to my old tricks, my babies. That’s right. I’ve got a column, though this time it’s in a local rag, the Bay City Beacon. Here’s my bio: “Cathy Reisenwitz writes about software for a living, sex on the side, and policy for fun. Her column ‘Unintended Consequences’ appears regularly in the Bay City Beacon. She’s pro-sex, pro-feminism, and pro-market. Sign up for her newsletter and follow her on Twitter.”

My first installment is Bootleggers & Baptists: Should Sacramento Have a Say Over Your Neighborhood?

This comes after last week’s barnstormer A Surprising Suggestion for the Prop 13 Quagmire.

“What happened to Broke-Ass Stuart?” you are probably not asking yourself. I will still write about weed festivals on occasion. Though I’ll probably post most of my sex bootcamp reviews right here. But I must answer the siren call of policy, specifically housing policy. And BAS is not the place for pro-housing viewpoints.

If you don’t want to read about housing policy, first, I do not blame you. Second, I want to give you fair warning. The ratio of navalgazing about my vagina/wonkery about housing is about to get flipped. Bigly. You can always come back later, when I’m sick of it. I won’t be hurt if you unsubscribe. I mean, I will be, but I will move on.

Love you.

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