Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

I wrote a new FEE piece: What the Theranos Debacle Reveals about Government Regulation.

Also I need to apologize to Scott Alexander, who I confused with Scott Adams in this post. I find Scott Alexander great, and Scott Adams mostly insufferable.

This is great: Thirteen things I wish I’d learned before choosing non-monogamy.

This is also great: Porn Didn’t Ruin Your Sex Life. Sorry.

My OG Birmingham friend Christopher Allen posted this pic on the Facebook thread.


And while it’s funny and cute, it could help reinforce the myth that women on average have lower libidos than men.

The truth is that straight women tire of monogamous sex faster than straight men do. Women have a greater need for novelty in order to get aroused than men.

We need more critiques of porn that don’t boil down to, “People filming women getting fucked and distributing it for other people to watch makes me uncomfortable.”

This, for my money, is the best critique of porn on the internet.

Truth from Twitter: “One thing this year is good for is dismantling the idea that our policies & society are no longer motivated by bigotry. Post-post-racial” -?@fivefifths

Investing in Space:

“Luxembourg’s previous investments in outer space have already paid off. In 2015, SES had a revenue of 2 billion euros. Add to that the country’s decision to create a legal framework for space mining and the future of commercial space looks like it could be very competitive. Unless the United Nations takes another look at international space law, countries will likely set the resource rights their countries have in space. The countries with the most investment-friendly rules will attract businesses. That means America, whatever its current lead in the industry, could face difficult market pressure in the near future.”

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