Public Speaking

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Past events

WATCH: Libertarianism is Consent Culture

Monday November 30th, 2020 on the third annual International Day of Consent, Feminists for Liberty hosted special panel discussion of the different contexts in which consent matters and how creating a “culture of consent” could benefit from approaching more issues from a libertarian perspective.

LibertyFest NYC 2015

Bitcoin in the Beltway 2014

FEE Seminar: Are Markets Just?


Fifth Annual Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference

CPAC 2014 Panel

Georgia Tea Party Conference

Cyptocurrency Conference

Breadwinner Moms: The Truth Behind the Trend

ISFLC 2013 Panel: “Girls! Girls! Girls! Marketing Libertarianism to Women”

New Media Exchange lunch series speaker: Why SEO Matters. New Media Lunch: Is the Tea Party Libertarian?; Why SEO Matters; Reason 24/7 Oct. 3,  2012