Helllloooo New York!

Took a train to NYC yesterday. The woman next to me asked if I worked for Facebook because I was on it continuously for hours. Um, no, bitch. The Amtrak internet isn’t good enough to do any work and won’t let me log into WordPress or Google Drive. So, thank you to everyone who participated in this thread yesterday. You really made the 3.5 hours fly by.

I’m not saying tech is going to save the world. But I am saying tech companies are offering generous family leave to their mostly male employees. If you learn nothing else from this newsletter, it should be that female equality at work requires male equality at home. Go tech.

More good news. A Texas school officer who body-slammed a middle school girl has been fired.


Yesterday my boif said I’m Camille Paglia meets Sasha Gray. I proposed.

In sad news:

I can never forget something @IgnisAvalon (I think) told me about criminal law classes. He said “There’s ALWAYS the one guy who wants to argue about what rape is and waste everyone’s time splitting hairs and everyone else in the room knows why.”


And in things we knew but didn’t have data to prove: Of the 10 most abused writers, eight are women, and the two men are black. Articles about feminism attracted very high levels of abuse. And so did rape. #masculinitysofragile

The dark side of Guardian comments

“Rebekah Bydlak is a committed fiscal conservative. The real deal. This would be a big win for liberty and the Constitution. Outsiders are good, but those with unshakeable principles are best. Most importantly, Justin Amash and Thomas Massie could use the help.”

North Escambia Native Rebekah Bydlak Running For Congress

I am not super familiar with her views, but I’ve met Rebekah and she’s a very nice person. I wish her well.

I wrote a thing for work I’m proud of: The Fight Club Guide to B2B Content Marketing Vs Native Advertising.

Last night the Pirate took me to literally the perfect bar:


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