Guest Posting Link Back Win


Some of my favorite shoes

By now we’re pretty familiar with the standard operating procedure for guest posting. Write the post, include a bio with a link back to your site/blog. But Tiffany from I am Style-ish said screw-you to all that and went above and beyond.

Everything began pretty standardly. The blogger introduced Tiffany, then Tiffany introduced herself with a short bio and a link to her blog. All’s normal here.

The post was A Newbie’s Guide to Designer Shoes and was good if you’re also fantasize about buying designer shoes (don’t judge me).

But then, at the end, she knocks it out of the park. Take it away Tiffany:

And if you’re interested in how I store all my shoes, check out my shoe closet video!

Why yes, Tiffany, if I’m interested in your post, about beginning to buy designer shoes, I would certainly love to watch a video about how to store them! This is brilliant, and makes me weirded out that I’ve never done it, or seen it done before.

You bet your butt I’ll be doing this from now on, and I’d suggest you do the same!


  1. Uttertelp

    Any individual know what newsgroups are and what they’re utilized for? Or some type of info?

    sorry for my bad english

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