I gotta say, I’m digging the DOJ as of late

I gotta say, I’m digging the DOJ as of late. I started right around the time they stopped running guns to kill Mexicans and blame it on American gun owners and starting investigating police departments. Via @lauren_kelley, the DOJ has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of Alton Sterling.

If you don’t know who that is, watch this video, via @ShaunKing:

Here‘s his family:

And if you don’t hate the cops for shooting immobile black men in the head at point-blank range, hate North Dakota cops for using students as drug informants and then getting them murdered, via @kbriquelet.

I had a lot of thoughts on Hillary Clinton yesterday.

1. No charges for Clinton, who still hasn’t turned over all her email. But Charlie Shrem is in prison for not reporting all his bitcoin. WTF

2. Hillary Clinton saying Edward Snowden should face prosecution: “He broke the laws of the United States.”
Never forget.

3. Hey Hillary, pass it forward. Promise to pardon every whistleblower currently facing charges or serving time.

4. If your laws are too punitive for politicians, they’re too punitive for citizens. Fuck the F.B.I. Fuck the political class.

5. Aaron Swartz faced 35 years for copying academic papers. Clinton gets nothing for flouting the law to put national security secrets at risk.

On to something lighter. This is adorbs.

Guys, this ad has everything. The magic of capitalism, the power of innovation. Competition, private property, and a love story.

Once again, @theblowout nails it. “plz get me this guy’s number”


Good news for vagina-owners. This Italian dreamgirl Giulia Tomasello, a London design student, has designed a mechanism for delivering healthy bacteria to a vagina near you. Just FYI, the latest research shows that none of the probiotics on the market now will help your vagina. The strain isn’t the same as the strain in a healthy ladygarden. You’ve got to harvest bacteria from healthy vaginas and put it into unhealthy vaginas. Or maybe you could scissor. But I think that’d be a bad deal for one of the ladies.

Let’s talk about poly myths for a second. Some people believe that poly is for people who don’t get jealous. While there are people like that, and they will probably have an easier time with poly, that’s not really accurate as a generalization. Poly is for all sorts of people. Poly is for people who aren’t good at monogamy, but are good at honesty. Poly is for people who love diving deep into multiple relationships and don’t want to have to erect arbitrary boundaries around whether and to what extent those relationships become sexual. Poly is for people who don’t really care one way or another but fall in love with someone who is poly. Poly is for people who are mostly monogamous but hate the idea that a relationship means they have to give up all possibility of fun new relationships and spur-of-the-moment one-night-stands.

I’m a very jealous person, by default. Poly has helped me face some of my worst fears and realize, hey, it’s all gonna be okay. But it’s a process. Progress comes in fits and starts. When my bf kissed another girl at a party we were both at, he told me almost immediately. And I was genuinely happy for him. We fist bumped, and I wasn’t pretending (I don’t really pretend well). And at the same time the event was so emotionally powerful that it overcame everything else that happened that night. It loomed very large in my memory, not as a bad thing, not as a negative, but just as a big, slightly scary thing. An important thing. Though, objectively, it wasn’t.

I’m going to Spain soon, with another boyfriend. I’m leaving local boo behind, and he wants to have other people as well. Or, at the very least, to have my enthusiastic support of his pursuit of them. Which I know rationally is a 100% fair and reasonable thing for him to want. But it’s hard. It’s not hard to give permission. I’ve done that. But it’s hard to be genuinely excited for him. Because we’re still new, still figuring each other out. It’s hard because I’m not getting everything I want from him. I’m scared of his NRE, of him telling someone else about his new blog posts and his interesting conversations and his work drama and his jokes. I’m scared he’ll invest in someone who’s not good enough for him, who’s a net drain.

But like, oh well. You know? Maybe he does. Maybe my worst fears come true. Oh well. We’ll both live. But look at the upside. At the very, very least, if I support his dating as much as he supports my other relationships, things will be more fair between us. If he finds someone he likes, even if I don’t love her, he’ll feel more secure and happy. He’ll feel less dependent on me. But what could happen is that he could expand both of our social circles to include more awesome people who enrich both of our lives. Which is most of what poly has been for me. I adore the people the people I love love. Even if I don’t want to get too close for this reason or that, to not get in the middle, to not take sides, they do make my life better. I do take joy in my partners’ joy. I hurt in their hurt too. We are all less alone.


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