A few good links about the alt-right

“The Alt-Right claims to be a trendy new generation of conservatism, pushing boundaries and buttons in response to political correctness and liberal oversensitivity. Really, it’s a hipster rebranding of white supremacy, misogyny and bigotry for the digital era. We may want to believe it’s just the Internet, just the usual harmless roar of haters and pre-teen boys blowing off steam online. But that ignores the massive chilling effect the Alt-Right has on women, people of color, non-binary and LGBTQ folks who have been intimidated into going quiet. There is a war happening online every single day, and most are unaware it exists.”

Hillary Clinton, The Alt-Right, And Me

What are the differences in outlook between alt-right ideology and libertarianism?

“Coders visually estimated ejaculate volume and recorded the time the actor spent engaged in cunnilingus, penile-vaginal penetration, and in any physical contact with his partner. We found support for the hypothesis that a man who spends more time performing cunnilingus produces an ejaculate with greater estimated volume, even after controlling statistically for the age and attractiveness of the actress, and time spent in physical contact with his partner.”

Duration of Cunnilingus Predicts Estimated Ejaculate Volume in Humans: a Content Analysis of Pornography. Via Sam Hammond.

No one should go to jail for a misunderstanding. It’s difficult for me to believe anyone who has had sex could think consent is black-and-white.

The problem with how men perceive rape

This is a beautiful tribute to a collection of ideas that changed the direction of my life.

Here’s me debating a filmmaker about the topic of her documentary, the Equal Rights Amendment.


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