Further proof that domain age and keywords in the domain matter for SEO

So I bought a domain two years ago, birminghamseoexperts.com, that I hoped to rank for the term “Birmingham SEO.” I optimized the content and did some comment link building (mostly nofollows of course) but never could get above the 4th page or so of results.

Then I kind of broke it and then forgot about it. Lately I’ve been working on this site, and in the course of trying to optimize it for “Birmingham SEO” found out birminghamseoexperts.com is ranking in the 4th spot!

The only things that have changed between launch and now are a few added links, mostly from comments, and the domain has aged. So you get the keyword in the domain name and some age, and if you’re query isn’t very competitive, you’ve got first-page rankings.

Now I’ve just got to add some content and real links and I’ve got the top spot!


  1. cathyreisenwitz

    Hey Chris! How’s it going? Sadly I really want this domain to dominate, instead of birminghamseoexperts.com, but this domain’s only gonna get older, so I’m just trying to build links in the meantime.

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