Friday! Links!

Lunchtime in school was always so stressful for me. Sitting alone in public at school was the worst. Right behind being told to sit elsewhere. I love that this app aims to take the stress out of finding a welcoming table.

Read this review of ‘Blood at the Root,’ a Tale of Racial Cleansing Close to Home.

I love this explanation of Libertarian Social Justice by Paul Crider.

Shout out to Samford University for teaching me a lot of what’s in 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Christianity And Sex, correcting many years of incorrect teaching I got in Sunday School. Learning the truth about my faith from believers is probably part of why I’ve maintained my core faith while abandoning the dogma of Christianity.

Speaking of, non-monogamy helped me heal from my divorce. Being single for a time was also extremely useful. It can be terrifying for my partners to meet and get infatuated with and fall in love with new people. But, like this author, it calms the fear they’re with me out of duty, fear, or inertia when they keep coming back.

When Feminism and Science Collide. “There is, of course, no contradiction between human biology and the classic feminist demand for equal rights.”

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