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How’d you like some free SEO advice? How about free keyword research, or someone to explain what the heck an xml sitemap is and why you need one? Now’s your chance. I’m trying this new thing. You see, I need links and traffic. Now I can cold call bloggers and ask them to link to me, which is somewhat fun, or I can answer people’s SEO questions, which is really fun. (me = huge dork, I know)

Here’s the Deal

My Part: Ask me any question related to SEO or internet marketing, and I’ll either answer it straight away or do a bunch of research to figure out what people who know more than me have said about the issue.

Your Part: You then link to me. It can be from your blog, your Twitter, your Facebook. If you really like the advice, you could write a blurb about me. If you’re nonplussed, just link.

So easy!

How to link

What’s my ideal link? Thanks for asking! Please link to either with anchor text like Birmingham SEO Blog. Ex: Birmingham SEO Blog.

Or, link to with internet marketing Birmingham, Alabama. Ex: internet marketing Birmingham, Alabama.

Or just copy and paste this into your site:

<a href=””>Birmingham SEO Blog</a>

<a href=””>internet marketing Birmingham, Alabama</a>

Feel free to mix it up though. Like a particular post or page? Link to that. Hate my anchor text? Make up your own! Get crazy with it! Okay, not too crazy. Don’t Google bomb me. Well, if you must, make it for “awesomely brilliant.”

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