Find Out Why I’m Going Weekly (It’s a Good Thing)




Saturday was a huge traffic day because the Libertarian Party Facebook page shared my Ken Cuccinelli post! Yay!

I was at the Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator Retreat (pictured above) at the time because… I am now working with SFL on a new project. I have to keep the deets close to my chest, but a full launch is coming very soon.

I’m telling you now, because I’m going to be working very hard to get ready, meaning I won’t be able to blog daily anymore 🙁 But Sex and the State isn’t going anywhere. I’ll probably be updating weekly, and sometimes more often as I get guest posts and news breaks that I simply must comment upon :).

Blogging full-time has been incredible. Thousands of pageviews on many of my posts, 160 email subscribers and hundreds of comments have definitely confirmed my hunch that there exists a genuine hunger for a libertarian, sex-positive feminist perspective on sex, gender, markets and coercion. So this train ain’t stopping.

Think about subscribing via email so you don’t miss any posts.

Thank you so much for reading, subbing, commenting, sharing.

On to the next great adventure for liberty!

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