1. Autarch

    I wonder if Francois Velde realizes how silly his criticism is and is banking on Joe Sixpack not understanding how open source works, or if he actually is clueless enough that he doesn’t get it himself.

    (He was an assistant professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University and holds a PhD from Stanford, which leads me to think he’s cynical, rather than stupid.)

    If the former, it’s not going to work for long, because open source is a simple concept and Joe will understand it soon enough. If the latter, Velde will be the “Get a brain! Morans” of the banking field.

    Mark Read Pickens

  2. Joy_M_H

    Have you read A Heretic’s guide to Global Finance by Brett Scott? Your article here follows the exact prescription he advocates for financial activism: cut through rhetoric of complexity by financial professionals because they use obscurity to prevent every day people from engaging and truly challenging the sector. Fascinating!

  3. Anton

    That’s not Francois Velde in the picture. I’m confused as to why you’d put this guy. Velde is bespectacled, balding white guy.

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