Exciting Things Are Happening: A Web Series, XOJane, Politico




You guys. I’m in a web series. Which got written up in Politico, The Hill and Roll Call. It’s called Cap South. Here’s mah face in Politico’s print edition:


Check out the first episode:

Here’s my character:

A freshly minted junior associate legislative correspondent, Kate is as surprised as anyone that she landed a full-time gig on the Hill. But how will she balance life as a full-time “hill rat” with her dream of founding an international nonprofit – Tattoo Artists Without Boarders?

So that was Monday. And then yesterday my face (and story) hit the front page of XOJane!!

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 11.36.15 PM

Of course I would be published under their section called Sex, Sex, Sex 🙂 Read it here: From Shared GCals to GPS Tracking, I’m Answering All Your Polyamory Questions!

Fun fact: I Tweeted it but didn’t post to FB because I’m shy. Redic. I know.


  1. Julie Ershadi

    In the Roll Call article on Cap South, I wrote the article Rojas links to on ‘Army Range Day’…small world 😉

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