An excellent testimony Dolly Parton’s sex-positive gospel

Polish government signals U-turn on total abortion ban

“A proposed total abortion ban in Poland will not be implemented, a member of the government has said, describing mass protests against the ban as a lesson in humility for the country’s leadership.”


An excellent testimony of @dollyparton’s sex-positive gospel.

“Libertarianism represents a self-defeating memeplex, a mind bug that handicaps its host so badly that it ceases to spread.” My bf on voting.
South Carolina police chief arrested in prostitution sting, via @mistressmatisse.

But wait, there’s more! Your Fall Guide to Officer-Involved Sex Crimes in America, by ENB.

This was so fascinating. Lots arguments that sound crazy can only be understood in the context of signaling within groups that I’m blind to.

@sergeybratus on the VP debates: “23 years ago in Moscow folks like me thought that suspending the rule of law for the ‘good guys’ was OK; we’d get it back. Well, we didn’t.”

I didn’t watch the debates. Instead, I got 5% through pre-algebra on Khan Academy. I’m planning to take the GRE. A conversation with a newish friend yesterday really cemented for me that I need more to do. I need more challenge in my life. I need a stretch goal, in corporate parlance. I’ve never been good at math (understatement) and while grad school sounds really fun, I’m very intimidated by the math. I signed up to take the GRE last year but when I got 0/10 practice math questions right, I gave up studying and also on that idea. I decided I wasn’t smart enough to get into grad school.

I think that I didn’t give it a real try. I think I needed some time to do other things, but now I’m more ready to push myself to find out for sure that I’m not smart enough to go to grad school.

It’s been really helpful to start with pre-algebra on Khan Academy. They give you points and badges and stuff. It feels good to know about half the questions, so I don’t feel discouraged.

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