Drugs are powerful

Happy 4/20! Drugs are powerful. Cannabis has tons of medicinal benefits and we are discovering more every day. LSD makes entirely new connections in your brain. Mushrooms help alleviate anxiety about death in terminally ill patients and have been shown to create lasting improvements in personality and outlook. MDMA helps people with PTSD thrive.
Drugs shouldn’t be legal because they’re harmless. Drugs should be legal because the harms of prohibition outweigh the harms of use.

Drugs aren’t something society should merely tolerate. Drugs should be studied extensively and improved so people can get the most benefits possible with the fewest harms. Because drugs are fucking awesome.

The Word “Marijuana” Versus the Word “Cannabis” “And Why I’m Going to Stop Using the Former in This Column”

My ex used the word cannabis because it was scientific and he was a scientist. That’s why I started using it. But this is a much better reason.

OH MY GOD NO. “Snapchat creates literal blackface in celebration of 4/20” -@theferocity

“If you think sex workers ‘sell their bodies,’ but coal miners do not, your view of labor is clouded by your moralistic view of sexuality.” -@DrSprankle

Lel but yes.

Actually, it’s worse than that. Because it means that in your view, poor men can make informed decisions about the pros and cons of dangerous, dirty work but poor women are too stupid to do the same.

Boaty McBoatface: tyrants have crushed the people’s will

Dude, this is a good idea: Parental leave 401k.

It’s extremely difficult to overestimate the depth and breadth of other people’s insecurity. And you really can’t go wrong trying. I’m not saying be condescending. But if there’s ever a chance to build someone up instead of tearing them down, take it. If you ever wonder, “Will doing or saying this trigger feelings of worthlessness?” assume it will.

A good relationship is a celebration of things I love about myself. But every close relationship forces me to confront things I don’t like about myself. I’m horribly insecure, and further insecure about how insecure I am. I’ve realized recently that it’s not that I need to be wanted more by my partners. I need signals of desire that are unambiguous to me. That’s on both of us. It’s on him to communicate in ways I understand. And it’s on me to choose to interpret signals as positively as I can.

I saw Kevin Smith last night in Richmond. The friend I went with said the most romantic thing he’s ever heard is from Smith, describing his wife as the hero of his story.

The most romantic thing I’ve ever heard came from my local boo recently. He said, “I don’t want to change you.”


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