Dolores Hosts a Topless Picnic

On Sunday afternoon, an assortment of San Franciscans doffed their tops for Casual Tits in Dolores Park.


Participant Stephanie Pakrul

Host Leela Hann-Soden got the idea for a day in the park with our tits out while reading San Francisco’s nudity laws, an issue that has its own Wikipedia page. I searched for Social Nudity in Huntsville, Alabama (my hometown) and nothing came up.

Hann-Soden told me that while San Francisco law banned perineum displays, it did not ban breasts.

Sure enough, in 2012 then-Supervisor Scott Walker introduced legislation that prohibits the public display of “genitals, perineum, or anal region” but does not ban breasts. It has thus far survived multiple challenges from San Francisco’s extremely vocal and persistent public perineum lobby.

Scott Walker: pro-housing, anti-perineum.


Host Leela Hann-Soden

Hann-Soden, realizing they had freedom they had not known they had, decided to put that freedom to good use, telling guests via Facebook event: “Let’s throw a picnic to liberate our tits from hiding. Girl tits, boy tits, trans tits, gender ambiguous tits are all welcome. Bring sunscreen, snacks, silliness, and solidarity.”

And we did.

The biggest impediment to our titular freedom was a very San Francisco cold wind.


An extremely repressed/East Coast writer named Cathy Reisenwitz

While there was fear of police presence, the only casualty of Casual Tits was a sunburn at my hairline where I hadn’t applied enough sunscreen. This girl does not spend much time in the sun.

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