Death, Sex, and Money: My 2015 in Review

This year I:

Turned 30 and went to London for the first time and wrote about it.

Spent the entire year outside of a primary or monogamous relationship for the first time in my adult life.

Met an amazing man. Reconnected with another amazing man. Fell for some nice guys who were just not that into me. Fell for one real asshole. Broke some hearts. Gained some new friends.

Wormed my way into a little group of friends here in Arlington. Shout out core 4 plus more.

Tried living alone for the first time. Realized I could not afford it. Rented out my living room on Airbnb. Had a brief and horrible affair with a married guest. Got one bad review for “very loud sex on a weeknight.” Can I live? Got my best friend and her boyfriend to move in instead.

Nearly lost my mother to a freak accident. Assumed she was going to die. Spent a lot of time in Richmond waiting for her to die. Dealt with that emotionally pretty poorly. Got mad at her for not fighting hard enough because I was projecting how hard I’d fight which is not hard. She survived something that usually kills young people and she was overweight, diabetic, and in her 50’s. Bitch fought HARD. Wrote about it.

Regained my salary loss from my failed attempt to make Sex and the State pay. Wrote about my failed attempt to make Sex and the State pay.

Wrote about getting fired.

Spent the entire year writing and editing full-time.

Lost the 10 lbs I gained after a bad breakup which coincided with my likelihood of having to appear on camera dropping to near-zero.

Started going to yoga more regularly than ever before.

Put more effort into decorating my room than ever before.

Cooked more vegetables than ever before.

Grew my email subscribership to around 650.

Grew my Twitter followership to 6800.

Broke 100,000 pageviews on Sex and the State.

Stopped being so much a pundit raging about politics and started being more of an essayist laughing at myself.

Tried standup comedy. Twice.

Started investing for the first time.

Tried an SSRI for IBS. It didn’t really work and I realized I’m not mature enough to take something that causes withdrawal.

Went back to running and the elliptical when I realized lifting doesn’t do much for anxiety.

Here are my top 5 posts of 2015:

Here are my three goals for 2016:
10,000 email subscribers
$10,000 in savings
110 lbs


  1. You are incredible and incredibly inspirational. Your drive, honesty, and openness is something we should all strive for. Thank you for everything you do. The world is brighter because of you.

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