1. rocinante2112

    Unless all kids at the 7 lowest performing schools have the option of leaving, teachers have a ready response to this.

    Only the students with motivated parents will apply to transfer out of these schools, and only a selection of them will actually have the opportunity. That means that the least well off students (whose parents don’t even know enough to reply) are stuck in the bad schools, now with even fewer good students and less funding.

    Charter schools have a mixed record. Averaged nationwide, there are twice as many bad charter schools as good ones, but there is a lot of variation. (This is based on test scores. You might not agree with tests to measure outcome, but then by what criteria are the public schools failing?)

    • I mean clearly all kids should have the option to leave a failing school. Or any school, for any reason. Kids with motivated parents will always do better, all else being equal. That fact isn’t reason enough to trap any kids in any failing schools, IMO.

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