Check Out Bastiat’s Lady: Beautiful, Liberty-Loving Jewelry!

Didjya notice that my snapshot banner has been replaced with a kick-ass logo? I know, wayyyy better, right?

Well, cats and kittens, I just got that beauty, unsolicited, in my Facebook inbox yesterday evening. That someone would take some of their precious time and considerable talent to use, without even being asked, or asking anything in return, to help my blog… I’m tearing up again thinking about it. What an amazing thing.

Every time I find out that you shared my link, commented, liked it on Facebook, emailed me, filled out my contact form, anything to let me know you’re reading me and sharing my words with others, it fills me with immense gratitude. I’ve gotten so many kind words from people telling me that they’ve been waiting for someone to say what I’ve been saying. I cannot thank you enough. <3

So this fine young woman doesn’t want to be named, but she did give me permission to pimp out her amazing ETSY shop. She runs Bastiat’s Lady:

“Because the love of liberty should be a beautiful thing.” Bastiat’s Lady serves to provide beautiful and inspiring jewelry to foster conversation and attract all the right kinds of attention.

Welcome to Bastiat’s Lady, a shoppe specializing in fine handcrafted jewelry featuring philosophers, economists, political theorists & great thinkers of all kinds.

These beautiful pieces of jewelry have been shouted out by the Libertarian Party and she tabled at last year’s International Students for Liberty Conference.


It sounds crazy though, right? Do philosophers, economists, political theorists & great thinkers really make for great jewelry? YES! I just want to highlight three pieces, but she’s got way more.

ThinkHers For Liberty-Beaded Charm Necklace


“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.” ? Mary Wollstonecraft, AVindication of the Rights of Woman

Show your love of the women who have contributed to libertarian thought with this antique brass necklace:

1) A portrait of Isabel Paterson

2) A portrait of Ayn Rand

3) A portrait of Rose Wilder Lane

4) A portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft

5) A portrait of Zora Neale Hurston

6) A seafoam glass bead

7) A pearl bead

Bastiat’s Charm Necklace-Frederic Bastiat Charm Necklace


“The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended.” -Frederic Bastiat

Featuring a silver finish, this necklace has a number of lovely details:

1) A silver bead frame, reminding us of the “broken window”

2) A book charm featuring a copy of “Economic Sophisms” Bastiat’s’ landmark text

3) A portrait of Friedrich Hayek in a small oval frame

4) A blue glass bead (shade & shape may vary)

5) A purple glass bead (shade & shape may vary)

Hayek’s Courage Chunky Glass Pendant Necklace


“We must make the building of a free society once more an intellectual adventure, a deed of courage.” Friedrich A. Hayek

Taking the popular meme made by our friends over at we have crafted a beautiful glass bead chunky necklace. With a large (2″) square pendant. Show your love of this grande intellectual adventure.

Check out the whole shop, and order for yourself or that lovely liberty-minded lady in your life. BTW, I already own Adam Smith Roots Charm Necklace (thank you Laura!) ;).


As the lady herself put it, “We love feedback, please let us know if you have any ideas you would like to share!”

Follow Bastiat’s Lady on Facebook.


  1. Keri

    What a great post! I think sometimes people forget that liberty -minded people are actually people! Even though the liberals seem to have taken over the arts, there are still some very talented liberty folks hiding in there! I’m a graphic designer and while it is hard to find like-minded folks in my profession, I assure you they are there. And I love it when they use their talents to educate the public about liberty. I wish more of them would come out of the woodwork. Thanks for sharing and the new logo ROCKS!

  2. Awesome logo…. miss the gorgeous snap! How about (after featuring the logo solo awhile) super-imposing it over the evening snapshot, for the perfect blend?

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