I Want More “Public Intellectuals” to Disagree With Their Own Tribes

I think Quillette is 99% trash. Which is why I loved this part, especially, of this longread on the “public intellectual:” Speaking of white audiences … here’s where I mention the intellectual dark web even though I would rather not. It’s the place — online, outside the academy, in pseudo-intellectual “free thought” mag Quillette — … [Read more…]

Things I’ve been reading

I’m not a huge fan of biological gender essentialism, but this is interesting. Apparently, some research shows that when girls hear something, we process it in the language center of our brains, but when boys hear something, the visual parts of their brains activate, which some researchers think means that while girls can grasp a … [Read more…]

What made you a leftist?

This is a really good overview and introduction to the nationwide housing crisis. The piece points out that high housing costs are trapping Millennials in our parents’ basements well into our 30s. One problem with living with your parents longer is that your parents often don’t live in so-called “high-opportunity zones.” In this way, this … [Read more…]

The meaning of misogyny

USA Today is calling medical misogyny, which I recently wrote about for Medium, “a sex and gender gap every woman needs to know about.” From the USA Today piece: “It’s not malice but a pervasive, implicit sex and gender bias in medicine that’s leading female patients to be misdiagnosed, neglected, dismissed as complainers, accused of … [Read more…]

My recent writing

Henlo my babies, It’s been too long! Here’s what I’ve written/talked on since we last checked in: March 5, 2019, I published an Unintended Consequences column: How Segregation Priced Out a Generation by Design March 18, 2019, I appeared on the Challenging Opinions podcast: CO105 Cathy Reisenwitz on Cars and Freedom. March 31, 2019, I … [Read more…]