What is racism?

I highly recommend 30 reflections on Race and Privilege. It’s a series of 30 short emails (sign up and read previous emails here) that are a great kind of racism 101, aimed primarily at white people. In the second email Mariah recommends the first four minutes of this video. It’s Robin D’Angelo, the author of … [Read more…]

How I Became an Anti-Racist

Liberal Currents is a publication by some of my friends, mostly libertarians and ex-libertarians. Last week they ran How I Became an Anti-Racist. Here’s my contribution: Cathy Reisenwitz As a public advocate for libertarianism I noticed women and people of color were underrepresented in libertarianism. I wanted to understand why that is, and share with … [Read more…]

3 ways tech workers can support police reform

This weekend protests erupted across the country in response to a video showing a white police officer kneeling on a Black man’s neck while he cried “Please,” “I can’t breathe,” and “Don’t kill me.” George Floyd’s last words were him crying out for his mother. While many police officers are protecting protestors, video taken at protests shows … [Read more…]

Why is SF such a hellhole? Discretionary review

Today I got an email from YIMBY Action asking me to sign a petition to support building 1,100 new homes, 550 of which are subsidized by the developer for low- and moderate-income families. Why, you may be reasonably asking, would building affordable housing in the midst of an unprecedented housing and homelessness crisis require a … [Read more…]

Clubhouse review: A step forward in niche community building

In her review of Clubhouse, NYT reporters Erin Griffith and Taylor Lorenz referenced Marc Andreessen’s recent rallying cry to build. “It was an inspirational call to arms,” they write. “But one of the first things Mr. Andreessen and other Silicon Valley venture capitalists have since rushed to help build was something else entirely: an app … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries: Part 12

My friend Lindsay was recently complaining about people being assholes about social distancing at the farmer’s market he works at. Watching people fail to social distance because they’re assholes and other people fail because they don’t speak English and everyone be mean to everyone else understandably fed his inner misanthropist.  One thing I’ve changed my … [Read more…]

Why I joined OnlyFans

On Friday I shared on Twitter and Instagram stories that I started an OnlyFans. For the less-perverted among my gentle readership, OnlyFans is a website where people post naughty photos and videos and other people pay to see this material. So, only click this link if you want to see naughty bits.  It’s kind of … [Read more…]

Mein Bericht über OMGYES – der Website, die die „Orgasm Gap“ schließen will.

Ich habe also OMGYES gekauft, hier ist mein Bericht. Was ist OMGYES? Hier ist ein Intro-Video: Im Prinzip ist das Ziel von OMGYES, das „Orgasmus-Gefälle“ zu verringern. Laut der Studie „National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior” hatten bei ihrer letzten sexuellen Begegnung 91 Prozent der Männer einen Orgasmus, von den Frauen hingegen nur 64 … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 11

I had trouble writing here last week. It felt icky writing about my life as if people aren’t suffering. That this is the most “elite” I’ve ever felt. I have a secure job that pays me well and where I’m treated really well in a city with great delivery services. I want to acknowledge the … [Read more…]