Portland day 2

We decided to check out the Chinese Garden on Friday. It was a cool mix of urban and tranquil. When I looked ahead I could see beautiful water features and bonsai trees. Look up and there’s beautiful density. Pix here. Then, high off Chernobyl and slightly hungry we hit up Kachka for a vodka flight … [Read more…]

Portland day 1

Arrived in Portland on Thursday and couldn’t check into our Airbnb so we headed to brunch at Mother’s, which I remembered from my first and only trip to Portland. (WordPress is being a little bitch so see our pix here.) Then we walked to Powell’s and I bought a new pair of Doc Martin’s while … [Read more…]

I’m not reassured anymore

“Ah I see we are at the ‘debating the exact definition of what a concentration camp is’ stage of fascism,” my friend Jane Natoli recently tweeted. It’s just so perfect. Some people are getting through this time by denying what’s happening. I understand that. Others of us, like me, are perfectly aware of what’s going … [Read more…]

In San Francisco the Special Interest Problem is Spelled “Public Input”

SF Mayor Breed wants to speed up approvals for 100%-affordable apartments. To put the measure before voters on the November ballot, she needs six Supervisors to sign on. So why won’t Aaron Peskin, Sandra Lee Fewer, Gordon Mar, Matt Haney, Norman Yee, Rafael Mandelman, Hillary Ronen, or Shamann Walton sign on? Perhaps because these Supervisors … [Read more…]

The processed food tribe

I recommend this Vox explainer on the scientific evidence behind the how and why processed foods aren’t great for us. Having grown up eating a lot of boxed, frozen fried chicken, this is a conclusion I’ve resisted. But the evidence is mounting that preservatives, sugar, and emulsifiers are truly bad for our bodies and brains. … [Read more…]