Florida’s Bitcoin Sting Should Cast Doubt on Law Enforcement’s Priorities and Money Laundering Laws

Authorities in Miami recently arrested two men in what may be the first instance of citizens being charged under state law for engaging in “too-large” bitcoin transactions. The two were contacted by undercover officers who were looking to exchange $30,000 dollars each for bitcoin, an amount which violates the state’s money laundering laws. According to Miami-Dade State … [Read more…]

Bitcoin’s Impact On So-Called Social Issues

This morning, I awoke to an individual on Twitter letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that bitcoin and social issues were unrelated. Since literally everything is related to everything else in some way, I’ll assume what he meant is that bitcoin and social issues are particularly far apart in terms of overlap. This is of … [Read more…]

Wall Street Journal Debuts Dedicated Bitcoin Coverage

When a venerated institution such as The Wall Street Journal dedicates a new section to covering bitcoin, you know an idea has hit the mainstream. Announced today, BitBeat: Your Daily Bitcoin Round-Up will aggregate news stories related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the WSJ thinks its readers will find important. We are launching a new feature … [Read more…]