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Boss Bitch mode level infinite. Via @enbrown: Meet the woman travelling the world delivering abortion drugs by drone.


Speaking of abortions, @CalebWatney notes that he’s glad to see some in the prolife movement are grappling with the results of the new Lancet report.

Will Wilkinson is becoming one of my favorite libertarian bomb-throwers. Here he explains why it’s small-minded and politically problematic to leave conceptions of social justice to the left.

If you see someone pounding the table insisting that their conception of an essentially contested concept is the uniquely correct one, you’ve found an ideologue. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily wrong. But generally you can be pretty sure that they’re rigging the game in a way that arbitrarily accuses millions of people of misusing words. Steven Pinker will tell you that language doesn’t work that way. Linguistic prescriptivism mainly functions to send a signal about what kind of person you are. There’s a lot of this in politics, which is, after all, a factional and solidaristic enterprise. If someone insists that “liberty” just means “negative liberty,” despite common usage to the contrary, the news you can use is that he’s a libertarian.”

Or if they insist “coercion” means threat of physical violence or physical imprisonment, they’re an ideologue. Luckily there are many libertarians who are not linguistic prescriptivists. But most of them are very simplistic thinkers. The misconception that people who even want to hear about social justice are already buying into a wide package of leftist positions is part of the problem. Here Will makes the case that people who have rejected the leftist positions SHOULD engage with social justice instead of finding themselves too triggered by the social justice concern to engage with it to find small or no-gov’t solutions.

Speaking of fighting government for social justice, 95 years ago today the government allowed a racial massacre that destroyed Tulsa, Oklahoma’s “Black Wall Street.”

In case you were curious, this is the best video on the internet:

Good news for lady bits: The Quantified Vagina: This Startup Aims To Track Women’s Health Through Smart Tampons.

I LOLed at this by Nick Gillespie.

“Let’s stipulate that however silly Libertarians may be, and however much they might desperately want the future to feature only private sidewalks and for Soylent Green to be purchased exclusively with Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are not as batshit crazy and unhinged as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the two parties and movements they represent.”

They are fucking insane tho. “Gary Johnson just won the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. Now we’ll NEVER achieve the #1 priority of freedom-loving internet libertarians: repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” -Jeremy McLellan

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  1. Ken Kaplan

    All tampons are smart. They get women to pay for them to go to a place where some men pay to go!

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