My babies, I was full of sass today.

My babies, I was full of sass today.

I’m trying to remember that the libertarians mansplaining politics to me in response to my lighthearted, self-mocking post about liking Aaron Sorkin are socially inept and that’s a rough thing to deal with and so they deserve my empathy.

But it’s just hard when my partner jokes about the same thing (or calls me a cultural Marxist in response to my point that no decision is made in a vacuum), and I have zero patience for that bullshit because I deal with it every day from assholes on the internet.
The cost of writing shouldn’t be a constant influx of condescending misogynist bullshit from libertarian males.

There’s no quick fix for condescending misogynist bullshit from libertarian males. But there is a cost. It’s a psychic cost borne by their targets. It’s not harmless. It’s tiring. It’s damaging. And while I can’t stop it I will go on record saying that it’s not okay.

I love the men who think the worst thing they could call me is ugly. First, I have a lot of flaws but not being pretty isn’t among them. Second, I’ve been in feminism long enough that I know not being pretty isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a woman.

Today my boif got done recording an episode of the A16z podcast, then toured the office. Then he went to lunch before meeting with a policy person at Google. I’m so freaking proud!

I don’t agree with all of Title IX Is a Dangerous Tool for Extending Transgender Kids’ Rights. But I think it’s an interesting post.

I’ve got a few pieces coming out for SWOP soon and I’m supa excited y’all.

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