What I Realized from New Sex Research: What I Like Isn’t Weird and Has a Name

There’s something about watching a woman touch herself outside the context of porn that’s so… well, frankly kind of strange. I really hate to admit this. My reaction makes zero sense to me. I’m hugely sex- and masturbation-positive. I write about sex (and other things) for a living. But the whole thing is still so … [Read more…]

One-page Google+ Guide

Verify your Google+ page Get a Google+ badge for your website/blog…then submit a Google+ page verification request. Include physical location and a phone number on your profile. Why? Google getting ready to incorporate relevant Google+ posts into Google News results What to post Write headlines with keywords Ask questions of your followers when you post … [Read more…]

Marketing Strategy – Do you want to be with your competitors or your customers?

“My competitors are here, so this is where I need to be.” “They’re ranking for keyword x so I should be too!” “They’re advertising on http://www.nytimes.com so that’s what I need to do.” How many of you have thought or heard similar sentiments? On the surface, it makes sense. Why would your seemingly successful competitor … [Read more…]

Guest Posting Link Back Win

By now we’re pretty familiar with the standard operating procedure for guest posting. Write the post, include a bio with a link back to your site/blog. But Tiffany from I am Style-ish said screw-you to all that and went above and beyond. Everything began pretty standardly. The blogger introduced Tiffany, then Tiffany introduced herself with a short bio … [Read more…]