Why We’re F*cked on Disinformation

Below is my third for Exponents, Why We’re F*cked on Disinformation According to a 2019 Congressional report, Russia-backed trolls posing as Americans stoked racial tensions, targeted Black Americans with false information on how to vote, and successfully organized in-person rallies and demonstrations to support Donald Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 election. In one instance, Russian operatives … [Read more…]

Seeing love for what it is

I often second-guess myself in relationships. Am I too needy? Am I unreasonable? Am I asking for too much? Am I offering too little? Is this why I’m alone? Can I ever be made happy? Will I always find fault and focus on it? I think what’s at the heart of these questions is, “Do … [Read more…]

Defund The DHS

I recently moved my Sex, Tech, and Pop Culture Daily newsletter from MailChimp to Substack (subscribe here!). I moved over because MailChimp was charging me $89/mo and Substack is free. Also, many have asked (okay like five people) for a way to monetarily support my work that doesn’t involve buying my nudes (your loss). As … [Read more…]

COVIDiaries part 14: What I celebrated yesterday

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July in a pandemic? Moreover, how do you celebrate your country when it’s keeping kids in dirty tents and raping them, its police are terrorizing protestors for asking police to stop terrorizing Black people, etc. etc. etc.? If you’re me, you do drugs in your friend’s living room. … [Read more…]

The reckoning: Riots work

I’ve heard a lot of bullshit about how riots don’t work and the only thing we’re getting out of them is losing Aunt Jemima and old 30 Rock episodes. People who are mostly satisfied with the status quo and are more attached to their property than Black lives would love for you to believe that. … [Read more…]

What is racism?

I highly recommend 30 reflections on Race and Privilege. It’s a series of 30 short emails (sign up and read previous emails here) that are a great kind of racism 101, aimed primarily at white people. In the second email Mariah recommends the first four minutes of this video. It’s Robin D’Angelo, the author of … [Read more…]