Who is more sex-obsessed, liberals or conservatives?

So this happened at the Thoughts on Liberty blog, where I’m a contributor: This is How Many Shits I Give About Converting Conservatives to Libertarians Sample: I will not direct TOL’s writers to stop talking about sex or relationships. These are completely natural and wholesome parts of human existence, and they are things that the state interferes in. … [Read more…]

Taxpayer Money Wasted In Attempt To Invent Green Car Industry

GigaOM’s Katie Fehrenbacher has come to the defense of Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, concluding that the program “wasn’t an example of massive misspending from the DOE.” While the massive is all relative I suppose, the misspending here really isn’t. The whole thing is in the news because Fisker Automotive, a loan recipient, recently crashed and burned, … [Read more…]

Why do these Forbes writers (really) want a conservatorship for Amanda Bynes?

It seems everyone is worried about Amanda Bynes these days. But Danielle and Andy Mayoras, listed as “Contributor” for Forbes (is that like when people have combined “Cathy and Igor Gembitsky” Facebook profiles?) take it to a new level when they wonder whether Amanda needs a conservatorship. There are definitely legit concerns about Amanda’s safety and the safety of others. … [Read more…]

The Teen Mom sex tape, a cam-girl first person and the meaning of drag

Facebook shares: Self-awareness fail: “Apparently Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has given up activism for a career in comedy. I just heard him on the radio railing against the Koch brothers for using their wealth to influence American politics.” -Thaddeus Russell. These two are my friends! 7 shares and mad traffic for Thoughts on Liberty! Yes, I … [Read more…]

Obama admin blocks access to emergency contraception for girls under 15

The New York Times is reporting: The Obama administration moved Wednesday to keep girls under 15 from having over-the-counter access to morning-after pills, as the Justice Department filed a notice to appeal a judge’s order that would make the drug available without a prescription for girls and women of all ages. I’ve come to expect … [Read more…]

FreedomWorks endorsed adulterer Mark Sanford! Yay for progress!

The so-called “voice of the tea-party” FreedomWorks recently endorsed Mark “hiking the Appalachian Trail is code for visiting my Argentinian mistress” Sanford’s House campaign. Rand Paul is also a supporter. FreedomWorks PAC President Matt Kibbe: “Mark Sanford will be a consistent vote to get spending under control, pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, … [Read more…]

How H1-B visa cap arguments are like discussing how abolition would affect cotton prices

In the midst of debate over immigration reform, Jordan Weissmann posted The Myth of America’s Tech-Talent Shortage: And what it should mean for immigration reform yesterday at the Atlantic. So it turns out the United States is not, in fact, the educational wasteland tech industry lobbyists would have you think. Companies like Microsoft often claim that … [Read more…]