Another Academic Blow for Biological Sex, Amnesty vs Celebrities on Human Trafficking, Latest Backpage Win for Free Speech: Sex-Positive Links

“Richardson suggests that our very attempts to characterize the biological details of the genetics of sex are deeply gendered, no matter what newfangled technologies we are using… In case after case, and chapter after chapter, Richardson adeptly teases out how traditional gendered assumptions have fundamentally affected chromosome research.”
Gendering Chromosomes, LA Review of Books

“This policy is also based on principles of harm reduction: on balance, the available evidence indicates that the criminalisation of sex work is more likely than not to reinforce discrimination against those who engage in these activities, to increase the likelihood that they will be subjected to harassment and violence, including ill-treatment at the hands of police, and to lead to the denial of due process and the exclusion from public benefits such as health services, housing, education, and immigration status,” the document states.
Amnesty International faces backlash from Hollywood celebrities for proposing new policy on sex work, The Georgia Straight

“A federal judge in Illinois granted a temporary restraining order as part of a suit the company filed against Dart. The suit accused the sheriff of restricting their free speech by asking Visa and MasterCard to stop processing payments for the site. Both networks complied with his request.”
?Judge Slams Sheriff Who Got Credit Card Companies To Cut Off Backpage, BuzzFeed

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