And now for some oversharing.

Okay, I’m in a rush. Weirdly busy at work. I’m only going to opine on what I consider the most interesting conversation going on right now. It’s about women and ethnic minorities in libertarianism! I know. You’re probably sick of this conversation. I don’t blame you if so. Feel free to skip this edition.

But for me, this is important and interesting. I am not a libertarian, for reasons I’ve talked about in previous newsletters. But, I’m like a person obsessed with their ex. I stalk libertarians. I think about libertarians. I care about how libertarians are doing and half want the best for them because I was one once and because nearly all of my best friends and lovers are libertarians, but also kind of hate them for all the reasons I broke up with them for. It’s weird.

Okay, so, I felt like I had to comment on John McAfee’s recent post about white men being overrepresented in libertarianism.

What I said was:

1. Discover libertarianism
2. Find out it’s all white dudes
3. Find out why it’s all white dudes
4. Try to make it more than white dues
5. Get immense blowback from white dudes
6. Say “fuck this” and become an anarchist

Which instigated a really interesting discussion/debate.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to summarize it but if the topic interests you at all, I think it’s worth reading the thread and sub-threads.

And now for some oversharing.

When it comes to sex, I am bored by what bodies do. I don’t care very much what body part goes where. I have my preferences for how I like to be touched. At 30 I know them better than ever, and am better able to communicate them than ever. But that’s table stakes for me. It’s not exciting to have someone touch me the right way.

Foreplay, for me, isn’t everything that leads up to penis in vagina. I can have an awesome time without that ever happening. Some of the best sex of my life didn’t involve penetration. This crystallized for me recently while talking with someone I hooked up with months ago. I came giving him a blow job kneeling on the hardwood floor beside my bed.

The buildup I’m interested in is everything that leads up to someone taking an important place in my life.


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