1. Culture matters. Not all cultural values are conducive to a free society. It seems odd that there are still libertarians who deny this obvious fact. (Not here, but elsewhere, of course.)

  2. Xavier Guidroz

    I have felt the same struggle, and I was among the LGBT prospective converts, and I must say thank you for saying this! The missionaries who came to me from the Mormon church expected me to be straight for them and their image of what all should be, and denying my natural urges and feelings all for the sake of a church never rang true for me, not now, not ever. Thank you for mentioning LGBT suppression in the church and that menace the Law of Chastity, because as sick as it is to try and force those kinds of changes down someone’s throat because it’s “the only true avenue to returing to god in the Celestial Kingdom”, it is true and it is happening all around the world. Make no mistake, Mormonism is a CULT, and while they are nice people what they are asking for isn’t natural and it kills people.

    • Tim Beck

      Mormonism is not a CULT, how is mormonism any more a cult than any other organized religion? I am an ex mormon like the author and had many of the same struggles and feelings. I left the church at age 26 and have been a happier person ever since. That said it bothers me when Christians or any other religion at that criticizes the church calling it a cult and bashing it when their own religions are just as illogical, repressive, and often more harmful. So tell me Xavier, how is the LDS church a cult, but other religions like say the Catholic church are not?

  3. Bob

    It amazes me how much you are so close but miss the mark by so wide a margin. Good luck on your road back man.

  4. John Johnson

    Gods commandments are not easy but simple. Everyone has struggles and sex is one of them. If someone of the homosexual lifestyle has to follow Gods commandments is no different than a priest that takes an oath of celabecy !!

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