All of you have been the loves of my life.

D.C. is an amazing town. I love it more today than I did when I moved here five years ago. I could have stayed here forever, and might have, had love not beckoned me to San Francisco. I expect San Francisco is a better city, for me and in general. But that is a tall order, because D.C. is spectacular.

It’s not the food, which is way overpriced. It’s certainly not the rent. It’s the people. It’s always the people. D.C. has put me right next to exactly the kind of people I wanted to be near. And they welcomed me. They hung out with me. They challenged my ethical system and invited me to smoke on Reason’s roof and offered me shots out of their Harambe and Donald Trump ice luges. Imagine a room full of people who’ve read all your favorite books and the books you want to read. Actually, imagine a room full of the people who wrote them. And some of them want to have sex with you. That’s D.C. for me.

From misandrinks and Feminists for Liberty to the Koch Associate Program and Liberty Karaoke, this is a singular place. I wish I’d done more. I wish I’d gotten drinks with all the awesome ladies I met in passing.

The thing about D.C. is that a really interesting conversation is really easy to find. Generally with someone who knows way more about the topic than you do. These people have made me better. I can’t imagine a more interesting city for someone who wanted to focus on and learn about libertarian ideas and policy.

I’m so happy I moved here. I can’t put words to it. It’s like, less happy I moved here and more that the thought of having not moved here fills me with a deep sadness. Like having missed out on the love of your life. All of you have been the loves of my life.

But, as in love with D.C. as I am, I’m not very sad to leave. I’ll miss my friends, but so many of them have already left. And more are likely to before too long. It’s a transitory city. And I’ll be back to visit. And if I hate San Fran, I can always come back.

But I’m ready for a change. It’s been five years. I’m pretty ready to be in a room with the people who wrote a different kind of book. A book about innovation and exploration and wealth creation. That’s not why I’m moving. I’m moving to start a life with my long-distance love. But that’s something I have to look forward to.

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