In addition to all this, John Oliver formed a company

Guys, I know shit is fucked in the world. Athletes be raping passed-out girls behind dumpsters and getting 3 months. Trump is still Trumping. But there’s also a lot of good in the world. The sun is shining here in Arlington, VA. And I’m getting A+ D on the regs now.

In addition to all this, John Oliver formed a company and purchased $14.9 million worth of medical debt for just under $60,000. That gave him a deal on the biggest TV giveaway of all time. Him saying “Fuck you, Oprah. I’m the new queen of daytime TV” was amazing. I really like John Oliver. Anytime anyone puts it on I’m happy to watch. I like that he doesn’t skip over the horrible cronyism when tearing corporations new assholes.

Speaking of badasses, this Tweet is everything.

As is this one:

“We can’t lock him up for rape because he has dreams for his future”

Funny cause you’ve got black kids with aspirations in jail for weed.


There are only 24 things a woman over 30 can wear. Check them out.

I wrote a thing for work that I’m proud of: 5 Writing #Habits That Are Killing Your #ContentMarketing

99% of the time I hate anything written by free speech people about free speech. Not because I disagree. I’m a free-speech absolutist. But why do we have to pretend that people who are concerned about speech are entitled whiny babies? It just makes you look like a douchebag when you refuse to care about bigotry and harassment because you think it weakens your position. Anyway, this was good.

This, via Gina Luttrell, was really good. How Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone, by Dr. Nerdlove.

Why Do the Poor Make Such Poor Decisions?

Also via Gina, this was amazing.

“Our efforts to combat poverty are often based on a misconception: that the poor must pull themselves up out of the mire. But a revolutionary new theory looks at the cognitive effects of living in poverty. What does the relentless struggle to make ends meet do to people?”

And we need to talk about a very important contributing factor to my happiness. Here’s his first blog post for Niskanen: How Our Broken Welfare System Threatens Economic Growth

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