I’ve spent the last ten years creating content for brands, including op-eds, podcasts, white papers, e-books, press releases, scripts for videos and radio ads, product descriptions, infographics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adwords ads, and blog posts. This content has converted readers to customers, ranked high in search, and built brand awareness while providing value to consumers.

My bylines include NewsweekForbes, the Daily BeastVICE MotherboardReason magazineTalking Points Memo, and other publications. My newsletter is Sex and the State. I am the Head of Content at a tech startup and VP of Comms for San Francisco Sex-Positive Democratic Club. I am also a regular contributor to Exponents Magazine.

My sex and relationships writing includes a column for Kink and Code and bylines in The WeekHuffington Post, and Ravishly.

I’ve been quoted by the New York Times Magazine and I’ve been a columnist and Bitcoin Magazine. My television appearances include Fox News and Al Jazeera America.

My former political column for the Bay City Beacon was called Unintended Consequences.

Praise for Unintended Consequences:

“Nancy Pelosi’s office called and yelled at me about your column,” – Bay City Beacon Publisher Jay Cheng.

I’ve spoken on topics of economic freedom, Bitcoin and feminism at SXSWi, CPAC, Georgetown University, Bitcoin in the Beltway, L2, Tea Party conferences, CryptoCurrency Conference, ISFLC, the Heritage Foundation and various other events.


Public speaking

Podcasts and radio