A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Last week I got offered a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you so much Pervertically Virtuous for saying I have a “very accessible way of raising important sex- and gender-related issues.” 😀

I can’t believe I’m even being read, much less inspiring people. What an honor!

Here are the rules:

Thank the people who awarded you

Thank you again Pervertically Virtuous. Your blog is awesome and I highly recommend it.

Post the image of it somewhere on your blog, write a post. 

You’re reading it.

State 7 facts about yourself

1. Everything I am is a giant overreaction to what I don’t like about who I used to be. I used to be a conservative Christian, now I’m a polyamorous libertarian. But this has been going on for awhile. I used to be really unfortunate looking, so for a while I was obsessed with how I looked. I had no friends for a while so then I went out and made all the friends. Etc.

2. I have a complicated relationship with class. I admire and am intimidated by people who are cultured and well educated and actually into highbrow shit. But I kind of detest highbrow shit and pretense at the same time. I get way too wrapped up in trying to hide my ignorance or inferior intelligence. 

3. I don’t tan. It’s not a health decision, or a political statement. My skin literally will not turn any color other than pink or red.

4. I’m obsessed with markets. A man describing his impression of our initial conversation (wherein I was flirting): “You’re really going to talk about markets?” I remember nothing unusual about the conversation. 

5. I read way more non-fiction than fiction. Memoirs are my favorite. Chelsea Handler, David Sedaris and Augustin Burroughs holla! I love positive psychology. I’m also into, yet embarrassed by and wary of, evolutionary psychology.

6. I’ve been married and divorced and have a mortgage for a brick house I don’t live in and I’m 27. Alabama.

7. I’m ambivalent about having children

Nominate 15 fellow bloggers deserving of this award

The Honest Courtesan – This libertarian-ish retired call girl pulls no punches.

Hyperbole and a Half – Hilarious. Touching. Relatable.

Thoughts on Liberty – I write for them, so this is kinda wrong, but whatever. Lots of talented lady libertarian writers.

The Individualist Feminist – She should write more. But when she does, it’s great.

Mike Riggs – Riggs keeps reports on pols accountable for the horrors of the war on drugs over at Reason.

Mandy Stadtmiller – XO Jane’s funniest, most keeps-it-real blogger.

 – Feminist libertarian music expert in Nashville, TN.

The Skeptical Libertarian – Sometimes the skeptical community can be not super woman-friendly or market-friendly. Not so here. Dan loves women and markets.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians – Especially Sarah Skwire and Steve Horwitz, intellectuals in the free-market space willing to talk about what others won’t, and who do it with grace, class and intelligence.

Libertarian Girl – Actually a Facebook page. She’s intelligent, beautiful, accessible and funny.

Tiffany Madison – Tiffany is an extremely talented writer. Her evisceration of Eric Holder is a thing to behold.

Liberty Minded – These guys started as a podcast and are making an entertainment play and I’m so excited about what’s next.

Tracy Quan – Wrote Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, writes for Jezebel, the Guardian, Daily Beast and was just published in Reason magazine!

The Unslut Project – Nationally recognized awesome Tumblr aggregating young people’s struggles with slut shaming.

CopBlock – Great reporting on police abuse.

Now to let these luminaries know! 


  1. Pervertically Virtuous

    *6. I’ve been married and divorced and have a mortgage for a brick house I don’t live in and I’m 27. Alabama.*

    WTF? For real?! Wow, that’s, umm, impressive? 🙂

    Some awesome nominations there, looking forward to checking out some of those bloggers!

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