How to get a date

“Women in 2017 are desperate for good, honorable, decent, and kind men to date,” Jordan McGillis recently wrote. Thus began a post in response to this: “Somewhere in the world, there is a kind, decent person who can’t find a date. Richard Spencer has a beautiful wife. This is yet another reminder that the world … [Read more…]

Today, feminism is engulfed in a fiery debate about gender and sexuality

Whew. You guys this is a true must-read. “Today, feminism is engulfed in a fiery debate about gender and sexuality.” Don’t I know it. “Intersectional feminists have embraced the trans, sex worker, and sexual liberation movements, opposed by supporters of an older radical feminist tradition, who would exclude them. I am firmly in the intersectional … [Read more…]

To Catch a Whistle-Blower

      Should the United States Prosecute Edward Snowden? Last week, U.S. officials asked the Hong Kong government to arrest Edward Snowden, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, though he was last reported to have arrived in Moscow en route to Cuba and Venezuela. The Obama administration also charged him with “unauthorized communication of national … [Read more…]

Who is more sex-obsessed, liberals or conservatives?

So this happened at the Thoughts on Liberty blog, where I’m a contributor: This is How Many Shits I Give About Converting Conservatives to Libertarians Sample: I will not direct TOL’s writers to stop talking about sex or relationships. These are completely natural and wholesome parts of human existence, and they are things that the state interferes in. … [Read more…]

Obama tortures whistleblowers but Bill Keller wants to see Romney’s tax returns

Here’s former New York Times editor Bill Keller trying to be fair and balanced by pointing out that both our current president and the likely Republican nominee have a secret streak: [Romney] points to stories about Obama’s handling of the Bin Laden raid, his oversight of a terrorist kill list and the administration’s cyberattacks on … [Read more…]