Pissing people off about periods

I wrote another thing for work that I’m proud of: The Big Reason Brands Shouldn’t Use Facebook Messenger for Customer Service.

“The details of the Kobe rape case are still jarring.” -@bruce_arthur

Okay, so I’m going to piss people off with this opinion. But Laura Pate asked me to weigh in sooo, blame her 😉 The issue is companies offering days off work that don’t count toward your sick days for your period.

I have no problem with companies doing this. I think flexible work schedules rock. I’m working from NYC right now. But I hate that they’re seen as a gendered thing, and this just makes that worse, IMO. If you need a day at home why should you have to give your employer a reason? If you’re taking care of your work, bosses shouldn’t GAF where you do it or when.

My boss doesn’t need to know about my menstrual cycle. I mean I’m not embarrassed. But also he doesn’t want to know nor does he need to. We have a very chill sick policy. People aren’t counting days at my job, because we’re fucking adults and if we stop caring about our jobs we’ll quit, not abuse a sick policy designed for grownups.

Okay, so there’s that. Second, let me make something clear: There’s no established medical benefit to having a period. In fact, ovulating literally tears a hole in your ovary, which isn’t exactly good for it.

Women were never meant to menstruate as many times as modern women do. First, menses used to start much later, before we got all well-fed and full of growth hormones. Second, women throughout history have spent most of their childbearing years pregnant, which means no period.

We now have the technology to stop menstruating. If it’s fucking up your life so much that you need to miss work, please for the love of God look into hormonal birth control. Now, there are women who can’t take BC. Or who find the side effects worse than having a period. But if it’s the side effects that bother you, get the implant or an IUD. They have very low levels of hormones but will still often either stop or severely modulate your period.

For women who don’t use birth control so they can be “natural,” do you. But to be “natural” in the ancestral plain sense, you need to be pregnant all the time. So good luck with that. I have the implant myself and I couldn’t be happier.

?#?tbt? to that time I was 16 and got kicked out of a Wendy’s in front of my church youth group for blowing up a condom and bouncing it around to prove they don’t work and also for the lulz. Photo via @daisybee45


Teaching men to be emotionally honest was such an intense read. I fully support men’s studies. I think the whole oppressed v oppressor identity thing is too blunt.

“When you feel conflicted about who you are, that garbles the signals you’re sending out.” Yes. This has been a huge problem for me. “They are not interested in being seen clearly.” From the latest @hhavrilesky.

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