If ur institution is so weak one bitch with a blog can ruin it…

Every time I get discouraged and start thinking I’m not making a difference, all I have to do is go to Twitter. There, chances are good some angry little man somewhere is telling me that I ruined marriage. Me. With my blog, I guess. Powerful stuff. If ur institution is so weak one bitch with a blog can ruin it…


This New York Daily News interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders

Guys I read exerpts of the transcript and NO LIE I thought it was satire. A very weird form of satire. But still. I thought there was no way a viable candidate could give answers that stupid. It’s been said that Bernie Sanders is the Ron Paul of the left. First, that ignores that Ron Paul is the Ron Paul of the left. He did a great job bringing in liberal 9/11 truthers. But the other big difference is that Ron Paul knows things, like how government works. He can gives specific answers (long-winded, too-detailed, and monotone as they may be) to policy questions.


You need to read this tweet thread of “new studies” that found things Black people been saying all their lives.


Jeremy McLellan is onto us.


Speaking of feminism: “Feminism isnt holding up a sign saying women > men Real feminism is making men hold the sign.” -@ChillAllMen

Great line from a piece about one of my favorite bands. “Nothing is sweeter than a love lined with self-loathing.”

Yesterday I wrote What Medium for Publishers Means for Content Marketers.

Video shows Texas school officer body-slam 12-year-old girl, knocking her unconscious.

I also like this @JillianKeenan tweetstorm on the relativity of trauma.

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