Happy Monday my babies

Today the big boss is in town and I’m wearing heels and clean hair and it’s kind of killing me. #wantmysweatpantsandtennies

“A woman in her 30s is ‘supposed’ to be kept, mothering children, boundlessly compassionate, giving her nurturing to anyone and everyone, and she helps sustain the status quo. If she says no to any of those things, if she asserts her boundaries around what feels good and doesn’t feel good for her, if she speaks up against things happening in the world that don’t sit well for her, if she dares ruffle any feathers at all, she is often shamed and both she and those around her are made to believe she is being neglectful and selfish, and potentially dangerous.”

Probably I identified most with the single woman being threatening, mostly from my mom’s experience.  But I thought the part about a person without a partner having no accountability was fascinating. This gets good about halfway through: The Slut, The Witch, and the Solo Poly Woman.

Facts about the Panama Papers:

“There’s a strange perversity to promising to bring jobs back from overseas while destroying the jobs that are here today. And, when you take into account that the promise of returning jobs is nonsense, while the job destruction is real, you realize that looking backward is more than just bad political rhetoric.”

Conservatives Yearning for the 1950s.

Florida Governor Signs Bill Requiring Actual Criminal Charges Before Seizing Property

Fire them all. Dismantle the monopoly. Start again.

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