It’s not personal, it’s pathetic.

To celebrate this fun Rihanna story we must all pay homage to the best celebrity profile of all time: Rihanna And The Radical Power Of “Carefree Black Girl” Celebrity.

ENB is the only libertarian I trust (okay I trust Avens O’Brien too) on the gender pay gap. Apparently it closed the most during the 1980s, a period when gov’t scaled back antidiscrimination efforts.

I liked this story about Bono.

“He claps a fund manager on the shoulder and says warmly, ‘We are winning the fight against AIDS.’ Statistics pour out of his mouth like so much small talk as he welcomes the 30 or so gathered VIPs: The United Nations had just issued a report showing that new HIV infections have fallen by 35%, AIDS-related deaths by 41%, and millions more people than expected are getting life-saving medication.”

Which is funny because in college I HATED the One campaign.

Yesterday walking to the bar after work, I saw this. Usually I ignore stuff like this. But I gave it a listen.

Listening, I could not help but think, “Damn, my writing is so good it even sounds compelling coming out of this doofus’ mouth.” I was literally smiling as I walked. I kept expecting to be embarrassed. And it kept not happening. I am embarrassed for my fellow man. I’m embarrassed for the “liberty movement.” But I am not embarrassed about being myself, growing in public, writing about my fears and insecurities.

Because the worst thing he could say about me wasn’t even true. I do not claim everyone should be poly. For someone who’s read my blog for years now (possibly one of my most long-time and devoted readers) it’s hard to imagine he could get this so wrong. And if I’m so bad for liberty, he shouldn’t need to lie about me to demonstrate it. Also the poly=statism thing is quite a stretch. It’s clear that this isn’t about me, or poly, or whoring around, or having “trains run on me” (something I don’t think people who’ve had sex actually say). It’s about using mine and Avens’ faces for YouTube clicks because people care about us. It’s not personal, it’s pathetic.

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