Yo, #notallprogressives are pro-censorship!

Yo, #notallprogressives are pro-censorship!

“Where have progressives gotten the idea that “hate speech is not free speech”? I hear it all the time and it’s pretty big civics fail.” -@JillFilipovic

This @motherboard story about Angola’s Wikipedia pirates is awesome. Information will be free, motherfuckers.

Erin Gloria Ryan is right. This is the best thing @ThisIsFusion has ever done. It, like every #millennial, should get a trophy for it.

People are rallying around a Burger King ad after the Brussels terrorist attacks.

Look, no one hates (while simultaneously wanting to bang) rich white men like I do. But this story about Alejandro Nieto irritates me. Do I fucking hate the white asshat who yelled a racial slur at Nieto? Of course. Do I dislike the white dude who called the cops on him for eating chips while Latino? Obvs. But did those asshats kill him? No. Cops killed him. Not gentrification. Not “rich white men.” Police officers.

Here’s a good review of the new poly show You Me Her.

More from Niskanen’s Jerry Taylor on what libertarianism should be. I am not sure I agree with every assertion in this post, or even the entirety of the message. But I love this quote: “If I have to choose between restraining government and advancing freedom, I will choose freedom.”

Jeremy McLellan is principled. “Ted Cruz just called for security patrols in America’s Muslim neighborhoods. Because nothing says “small government” and “defender of the constitution” like spending millions of dollars to send jack-booted thugs to terrorize innocent people based on their religion.”

“Those are vulnerable moments for me — when I’m putting my ideas out there and feel a little alone. But I’m taking a risk: hanging out a private aspect of my relationships in the hope that other people who feel that way will feel less bad about themselves.”

Great interview with comedian Nikki Glaser.

Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History Of Violence

I liked Yes A Stripper: Sex Workers Need To Take Back Pole Dancing. I wanna learn so bad. My handstand sucks right now.

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