I am feeling the Johnson!

I am feeling the Johnson!


via Leslee Petersen.

My neoreactionary friend Mytheos tagged me on an oldie-but-goodie from Slate Star Codex, which many people who read me say I should read more: All debates are bravery debates. It’s a good piece, and something I think about when people dislike my writing. Sometimes it’s because it sucks. But it’s often because it’s not for them. They say in marketing that if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. I think that’s true in commentary as well. If you’re happy with your marriage, don’t read my marriage advice. If you’re happy with your sex, don’t read my angst on sex. If you’re convinced that the two-party republic is working, you might not get a lot out of my entreaties to burn the fucking system to the ground.

BART gets candid in Twitter exchange with angry riders made my life. Especially the end.

“It was an intense evening for Huckaby. Once things got rolling, he did his best to respond to as many tweets as he could, staying up into the wee hours of Thursday morning. One especially bright spot for him, though, came when Metro Los Angeles tweeted in solidarity with BART, fittingly in the form of an animated gif.”

I never expected to read something so good on sexualization in Ms magazine. Via ENB. The Real Reason Everyone Freaked Out Over Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie

“The idea that sex work is not inherently immoral or shameful, and that sex workers should have the same rights and value as all women, is so radical that mainstream feminism still has a hard time accepting it. But the use of these slurs shows that our culture’s scorn of sex workers is, at heart, a basic feminist issue. We love to commodify women, but hate and fear women who commodify themselves.”

Speaking of gifs

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