What happened to sideboob?

Today in good news, prosecutors in Chicago, Cleveland have lost their re-election bids after police abuse controversies. The prosecutors involved in Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice shootings both defeated, by Ed Krayewski who I love.

I’m so in love. He got us matching encryption tees. “Dance like no one’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is.”


Nicole W. C. Yeatman has wise words for young ladies:

“So it turns out that partying in your early 20s is actually PERFECT preparation for pregnancy. Morning sickness is a Bahamian vacation compared to hangovers. Navigating the world with a warped center of gravity? It’s called tequila shots; done it in heels. Having to pee every 30 minutes? Try it in a crowded dive bar with one toilet and no toilet paper. I’m pretty sure this is God’s way of saying: Party on, ladies. Party on.”

Going further on Monday’s post: What is hard to understand about the idea that women deserve to be taken seriously regardless of how “sexy” anyone thinks they are?
If you diminish the intellectual and social contributions of women who are the wrong kind of sexy for your comfort, if you blame them for misogynistic double standards, you are part of the problem.

I nearly always hate generalizations about generations, but Issac Morehouse’s is good. Via Peter Neiger, fount of great links. The Obedience-Entitlement Matrix and Generational Differences

Yesterday I hurt my hip working on my handstand for my pole routine. But arthritis isn’t going to stop me from achieving my dreams. #rejectedadvilads

Great @AdamThierer quote via @mpetricone: “If you base public policy on worst case scenarios, you ensure that best case scenarios never come about.”

Was thinking about Trump yesterday, as you do. Demographics/economic trends are diminishing low-edu whites’ political power. Trump is an attempt to regain what they have lost. They won’t go quietly into that good night after Trump. They are already violent and will continue to use violence to exert their will.

Liz, can I just call her Liz here now? I link to her nearly every day. Liz wrote a piece which Reason described as Promoting Assertiveness Is Rape Culture, Says Internet.

The shirt, if read in a sexual consent context, shifts responsibility from obtaining consent to refusing clearly. It’s “learn to say no” instead of “learn how to get a yes.”

In this way it’s a continuation of a longstanding pattern of blaming women for not resisting hard enough while ignoring that women shouldn’t have to resist at all. They should be able to say nothing and nothing is a no.

Of COURSE feminists want this standard changed.

However I agree with Liz that because we’re not there yet, it’s important that we BOTH teach people to forcefully say no, AND teach everyone to get a yes instead of pushing forward after a maybe.

“thinking about the video to ‘679’ by Fetty Wap again. In quiet moments it haunts me.” -@joelgolby


Realizing that despite loving the song I might not have ever seen the video, I watched it. That sideboob! But what happened to sideboob? She played so prominently and then disappeared. Am I sexualizing her by calling her sideboob? Is synecdoche always sexist if you do it to women? I’m just kidding I don’t care. My feminism will be synecdoche-positive or it will be bullshit.

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