Making life harder for strippers, Amber Rose for President, Jerry Taylor’s rage against libertarians

There comes a time in every libertarian’s, well, every good libertarian’s life, where they look around and think, “What the fuck is wrong with you people?” Jerry Taylor is having that moment, y’all. In public.

Do Libertarians want freedom or not?

Last weekend, I was on Stossel over at Fox Business News to discuss a new path for libertarianism. While much was left on the cutting room floor, I argued that libertarians should abandon their blanket opposition to public assistance, acknowledge that market failures and public goods sometimes demand government action, and speak out as much about excessive military expenditures, war, and civil rights as they do about, say, the Export-Import Bank and corporate income taxes.

Alas, my friend John Stossel—like many hard-line libertarians—disagrees, arguing that I am calling for “libertarianism lite” and a surrender of principle. If libertarianism is about advancing individual liberty, however, these aren’t acts of surrender. They are necessary prerequisites for a free society.

Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt.

Fuck libertarianism. Come on over to market anarchism Jerry. The water’s less bigoted.

At least some libertarians are realizing they can appeal to the far left by talking about crony capitalism.

Avens has a good case for why men should be able to opt out of paternity. #feminism4liberty

Via Liz Nolan Brown, New Orleans Planning Commission voted unanimously for temporary moratorium on new strip clubs in the French Quarter. Here‘s why this is going to make life worse for strippers.

Amber Rose for President.

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