Feminist revolution, iPhone Bling, more GamerGate-like bullshit

Here’s the fan recut of the new Ghostbusters movie:

Of course I’ve already ordered All the Single Ladies. But in the meantime I’m reading all the coverage. “We have all the recognition for spouses; we have no recognition for the friendships that are like partnerships.”

More GamerGate-like bullshit. If you have time to read people’s ten-year-old thesis papers because they *might* have put more clothes on a video game character than they were wearing in the Japanese version, YOU NEED MORE TO DO.

This kind of Luddite fear-mongering is why we need several compelling moral cases for innovation.

“Yet, the fact that we are similarly motivated?—?white racists, white allies, and people of color alike?—?is the key to fixing this whole mess. We must find ways for the working class to maintain its dignity, we must find a way for them to have jobs that are satisfying to them, we must find a way for them to contribute to culture. We must find a way for them to feel heard. Which, by the way, are the exact same goals we need to have for oppressed races. We all need the same thing, and until we find a way to give it to more people, we will fight each other for it.”

From Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid

Did some hardcore feminism revolution planning with Elissa Shevinsky this weekend.


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